Airport Website Widgets and Services

Elevate Your Airport's Digital Experience

Aviatrix Communications offers a comprehensive suite of airport specific website products and services designed to enhance your passengers’ experience and keep your website operating reliably. From custom development to ready-to-use plugins, Aviatrix Communications provides all the solutions needed to ensure your airport’s website is equipped with the latest technology. Explore our offerings below to discover how we can help you create a more connected and efficient airport website.

Flight Status

Keep passengers informed with real-time flight status updates displayed seamlessly on your airport’s website.

TSA Wait Times

Provide estimated TSA wait times to help travelers plan their journey through security checkpoints efficiently.

Interactive Maps

Offer dynamic, interactive terminal and parking maps to assist passengers in navigating your airport with ease.

Route Maps

Showcase available airline routes and connections, helping travelers plan their journeys more effectively.


Enhance customer service with AI-powered chatbots that provide instant responses to passenger inquiries.


Display current weather conditions and forecasts for your airport and destination cities.

Travel Cost Calculator

Help passengers estimate their travel costs with a user-friendly travel cost calculator customized with your airport and competitors costs.

Parking Occupancy Widget

Provide real-time parking availability updates to help passengers find parking spots quickly.

Parking Cost Calculator

Simplify parking planning with a calculator that provides estimated costs based on duration and location.

Additional Website Services

Airport Website Compliance Program

Ensuring your airport website is compliant with various regulations is crucial for avoiding lawsuits and ensuring your content is inclusive to all individuals. Aviatrix Communications specializes in cookie management, GDPR, privacy compliance, and WCAG 2.1 AA remediation and training. We utilize software to manage compliance with state, local, federal, and European laws. These services alert us to changes, and policies are can be automatically updated to keep your site in compliance.

Additionally, our designers and developers have extensive training in WCAG digital content Accessibility. We also partner with accessibility experts and utilize a toolkit that offers manual and automated testing, surface and code-level fixes, and comprehensive accessibility compliance reporting. This ensures that your website meets the DOJ’s latest accessibility requirements for airport digital content, providing an inclusive experience for all users.

Foxtrot: A WordPress-Based CMS Solution for Airports

Our customized Airport content management system (CMS), Foxtrot, is designed specifically for the unique needs of airports, making Aviatrix Communications the premier choice for airport website development. Built on WordPress, Foxtrot offers an easy-to-update platform with a modern drag and drop visual builder. Prebuilt widgets tailored to each airport and centralized management through our customized backend WordPress admin portal streamline content updates, ensuring efficiency and consistency for your airport’s website content managers.

Accessibility and SEO are integral to Foxtrot’s design. It is built to be WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, ensuring your website meets the latest accessibility standards required for airports. Our focus on SEO optimizes your airport’s website for search engines, enhancing visibility. Proven reliable with over 40 airport websites, Foxtrot delivers a seamless, high-performing, reliable solution that can be managed in-house or by our expert team, ensuring a user-friendly and compliant digital presence.

Maintenance and Management Services for Airport Websites

Aviatrix Communications offers comprehensive maintenance services to keep your airport’s website running smoothly. Our maintenance plans cover everything from routine updates to emergency fixes, ensuring your site is always up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. We implement the latest security patches, perform regular backups, and promptly address urgent issues to maintain your website’s integrity.

In addition to technical upkeep, we offer content management services to keep your website’s information current. This includes updating flight schedules, adding new routes, and managing announcements. Our team provides 24/7 support to resolve any issues, ensuring minimal downtime. With our dedicated team managing your website’s upkeep, you can focus on core operations with peace of mind, knowing your website remains a valuable resource for travelers.

Enterprise-Grade Airport Website Hosting and Security

Aviatrix Communications provides enterprise-grade hosting and security solutions tailored specifically for airports. Our hosting services, powered by WP Engine, offer customized plans to meet the unique needs of airport websites. With industry-leading secure, high-availability services, excellent SLAs, and unparalleled reliability, your website will be fast, scalable, and always available. Each site benefits from WP Engine’s global edge security, ensuring robust protection against threats.

We utilize Single Sign-On (SSO) services across all our website environments and optionally on our clients’ WordPress CMS. We exclusively host websites that we maintain, whether the airport opts for a dedicated environment or a shared one with other airports. This ensures that your website remains secure and reliable at all times.