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Booking Engine
Booking Engine

Looking to stimulate and increase the number of passengers at your airport? Booking engines are a great tool to generate revenue and improve passenger experience. Aviatrix Communications partners with all of the top leading travel agencies to implement booking engines on airport websites.

There are many benefits to having your own airport booking engine:

  1. Generate commissions. On each booking made through your website, you will earn 3% of the total sale. Our partners pay out the highest commissions in the industry.
  2. Offer lower fares and more route options. Our booking engines provide inspiration walls that will show low cost travel to popular destinations exclusively from your airport! This will help encourage the flexible traveler to book a trip.
  3. Analytics! Every entry in your booking engine is recorded. We can provide custom reports to help identify potential new routes.
  4. Do you use email or social media for promotions? Our booking engine partners provide deep linking capabilities for marketing campaigns. You will earn commissions from purchases through social media or re-targeting direct linking campaigns. 
  5. Provide your passengers with a simpler, easier journey. Allow your passengers to book all of their travel and plan their trip from your airports website. No more searching multiple websites to get travel information and book a trip.
  6. Sell flights from over 150 non-GDS carriers! Our booking engine partners have non-GDS carriers in their system which will allow your passengers to view unique routes that are not shown on many of the leading travel sites.

Our booking engines can be styled to match your airports branding. We also have results only widgets that can double as a low fares list, single O&D widgets for direct route marketing, and tile widgets available for implementation.