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Master Plan Public Outreach
Heber Valley Airport (HCR)
Master plan public outreach

Heber City in Utah is the sponsor of a busy general aviation airport, and recently embarked on a long-overdue airport master plan update.

The city hired Aviatrix Communications to perform the public outreach component, and was willing to go well beyond FAA-recommended engagement levels to help educate the community on what this plan would mean for the region. In order to ensure that the project keep an airport-specific identity in the community, Aviatrix Communications developed an independent airport master plan brand. Building off of community research, stakeholder interviews, existing materials, and other regional touchpoints, Aviatrix created a brand that celebrated the airport’s historic position in the community while also looking to the future.

Named Flightpath, the brand includes a logo, tagline, color palette, and website. These essential elements have been seamlessly translated to everything from signage to presentation displays, advertisements and PowerPoint templates.

Project team
Katie Franco
Katie Franco
Crystal Heavers
Crystal Heavers
Creative Director
Kyle Elliott
Kyle Elliott
Website Developer
Heber Valley Airport Master Plan Logo and Brand development
Heber Valley Airport Flight Path Airport master plan website development
Heber Valley Airport Master Plan Public Outreach event