Changing the National Conversation About General Aviation and Business Aviation, One Flight at a Time

A corporate jet parked on the ramp with a vibrant blue and yellow partly cloudy sky


It’s typical that general aviation (GA) and business (biz) aviation are trending topics surrounding the Big Game each year, and destination Las Vegas is no different in 2024. So, it should be no surprise to our partners and industry colleagues that Aviatrix Communications has a few things to contribute to the national conversation.

While headliner entertainment and sporting events do attract high-flying revelers and spectators, our beloved aviation industry does so much good in the world generally, and through GA and biz aviation specifically.

Landing an aviation profession is a calling for many—whether as an in-flight or ground crew member. For the many GA and biz aviation pilots focused on building their flight hours in the hope of flying for cargo and commercial carriers one day (which is a good thing given the current pilot shortage), there is an equal number that have fallen in love with GA and biz aviation for: 1) an enhanced work-live balance, 2) the ability to operate at a wider variety of airports, and 3) the opportunity to deliver philanthropic and humanitarian aid in conjunction with an already rewarding career.

Consider these three examples:

AeroAngel’s Christmas Gift
Aviation International News tells the story of 9-year-old Jailyn who desperately needed a kidney transplant just before Christmas. When Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh called, AeroAngel responded by flying the young patient and her mom from Houston—within the critical 12-hour window of time—on a free business jet flight. As of press time, Jailyn is home and living free of weekly dialysis treatments thanks to a successful transplant.

Rainbow Helicopters Delivers Essential Supplies to Maui Moms and Babies
According to National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), after Hawaii’s devastating wildfires in summer 2023, Rainbow Helicopters, a Honolulu-based tour operator, rushed supplies across the ocean to families on Maui. With all roads to Lahaina closed, Rainbow’s entire staff jumped in, and made their first deliveries within 48 hours of the devastation—and kept relief coming through Christmas.

Pilots and Paws on a Plane
Pilots N Paws, a non-profit that connects pilots with organizations that rescue animals, is lucky to call Kim Purcell a volunteer. The Spruce Pets interview with Kim revealed since August 2009, she has transported over 1,500 animals from overcrowded shelters—where pets are often at risk of euthanasia—to roomier shelters and, ultimately, adoption. She estimates flying up to 100,000 miles in her 14 years with PNP.

With all of this in mind, Aviatrix Communications invites you to be a thought leader, not a follower, when it comes to considering and discussing how GA and biz aviation contribute to a better world. We recommend you begin the conversation with, “Did you know that there is a lot of good to gain in our world with that plane flying overhead? …”