Flight information display (FIDS) airport website integration

Why Choose Aviatrix Communications for Your Airport's Flight Status Display Development?

Aviatrix Communications specializes in the integration of airport flight information display systems (FIDS). We provide airports with customized, real-time solutions for displaying aircraft arrivals, departures, and flight tracking maps on their websites. Whether you’re implementing your first flight information display system or improving an existing one, our team is dedicated to delivering systems that are not only reliable but also fit seamlessly with your airport’s brand and operational needs.

Customizable and Responsive Flight Status Website Widgets

Aviatrix Communications integrates airport provided flight status data feeds into a fully responsive widget for your passengers to easily view flight information on your website. Our FIDS widgets integrate with many of the top flight status data provider feeds including OAG, SITA, Amadeus, Flyte Systems, Infax, and many more. Our expertise in handling various data sources—from cloud-based to on-premises—enables us to transform any flight status data feed into dynamic, passenger-friendly displays on your airport’s website.

Each of our website flight status widgets are built to support real-time airline updates, including advanced search and filter capabilities, allowing passengers to find their latest flight details quickly. Tailored to your airport’s brand, Aviatrix Communications flight status widgets can mirror the style and format of your in-terminal fids displays, creating a cohesive user experience both online and in your terminal.

All of our flight status integrations are built to meet or exceed WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility requirements, ensuring that your flight status information will be accessible for all users.

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WordPress Flight Status (FIDS) Plugin for Easy Website Integration

For airports using WordPress as their website CMS, our custom flight status plugin makes integration a breeze. Our plugin streamlines the setup process and offers powerful customization options to fit your airports specific needs:

  • Display Customization: Adjust the number of flights displayed and configure how long the flight information stays visible.
  • Interactive Features: Enable or disable search functionality, date navigation, and more, according to your preference.
  • Compact Display Option: Deploy a mini version of the widget on your homepage for quick access and efficiency.

Aviatrix Communications FIDS plugin not only simplifies the technical integration and reduces setup time but also ensures that you can maintain the look and feel of your airport’s digital presence with ease.

Digital Signage and In-Terminal Solutions

Beyond web based fids solutions, Aviatrix Communications offers design and implementation services for in-terminal digital signage and flight status display boards. Our digital signage content designs will align with your airports brand, prioritizing accessibility in order to meet the Department of Justice’s forthcoming WCAG 2.1 AA digital accessibility requirements for airports. Our designers and developers are experts in ensuring that all passengers have easy access to flight information and digital content on your website and throughout your facilities.

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BLV In-terminal Fids/Video Paging Displays

Proven Expertise and Future-Ready FIDS Solutions

Whether your airport is exploring its first Flight Information Display System (FIDS) or seeking to enhance an existing FIDS setup, Aviatrix Communications is ready to assist. Our ability to develop reliable FIDS solutions extends to nearly any platform and any data provider, ensuring a tailored fit for your needs.

With a proven track record of deploying FIDS systems at dozens of airports across the country, Aviatrix Communications is positioned to streamline your airport’s flight information both online and in-terminal. Our extensive experience working with FIDS data providers ensures a quick and seamless integration process.

Let us help you transform the way travelers interact with your airports data, making every journey smoother and more connected.