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This Cake of the Week will blow your mind

TPA Airport route launch cake


Airports love cake. Airports also love winning. That’s why it’s no surprise that the Cake of the Week contest in industry magazine Anna.aero is so popular. And there have been some truly spectacular entries. Check out Tampa International Airport‘s cake for Spirit Airlines’ nonstop flight to Philadelphia.

From the cheesesteak to the Declaration of Independence, Liberty Bell to the “Rocky” statue, the cake makes Philly look, well, delicious. Internationally, there’s this confectionery wonder from Vienna International Airport (VIE).

Vienna airport cake

The Viennese love their chocolate, but how could you ever cut something so beautiful?

But a recent dessert from Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport takes the cake (pun definitely intended). Think it’s a simple white cake? Think again. Made to celebrate two new routes on American Airlines, this cake has to be seen to be believed.

Amazing, right? What’s been your favorite airport Cake of the Week?