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Welcome to San Luis Obispo SBP Airport Terminal Opening event hosted by Aviatrix Communications


Welcome to Aviatrix Communications! In addition to supporting aviation clients, we’ve also begun a blog in order to provide resources and inspiration for marketing executives, airport managers and new PR officers alike. We found that there wasn’t a single space or organization that focused on airport communications year-round. Conferences are wonderful but bound to a single week. Reaching out to colleagues is essential but doesn’t provide a big-picture set of advice. As an outreach professional, you’re continually striving to achieve the next big thing, to adapt new platforms and methodologies at your own airport. You need resources. And you need fresh ideas. You’ll find in this space that we regularly reach outside of the airport world to get tips and strategies from professional photographers, data experts, shopping mall marketers and anyone else we think can bring new ideas into the airport sphere.

Check back often for case studies and new tactics, clever tricks and successful tweets. We want to be a resource for you and your airport 365 days a year.