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Offering A Friendly Approach to Noise Management

Friendly Approach Airport Noise Program Development


Picture living in your dream coastal community. Does your dream include a thriving general aviation airport next door? Probably not . . . but that’s where we come in! Aviatrix Communications partnered with the County of San Mateo Airports to revamp their noise management program and help ease community concerns.

The new, comprehensive outreach program was designed to educate pilots and neighbors on the operations and benefits of the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay airports. Named Friendly Approach, the extensive outreach efforts included a new brand, logo, website, and quarterly newsletter, as well as a consistent social media calendar and email alerts to subscribers that share time-sensitive aviation activity. The program’s messaging highlights the airports’ positive impacts on the region as they create jobs, help transport goods and materials, and support emergency services. The two-way communications channels empower the community to be involved in this important conversation. 

The information isn’t just for residents, either: Friendly Approach successfully equips pilots with the knowledge and tools to be good neighbors. Aviatrix and the County of San Mateo Airports use the program materials to provide resources that are easy to access and understand, including FAQs, preferred flight procedures, informational videos, noise program reports, and the ability to submit a noise complaint.

Check out the Friendly Approach website to learn more: https://flysmcfriendly.com. If you would like assistance with your airport’s noise management outreach, contact us at [email protected]