Air Service Marketing

Route development relies on the support of airports and their communities, and air service development is often most successful when airports offer compelling incentives. Fee waivers and credits are often the first things a carrier considers when comparing airports. However, a differentiating element can be the addition of marketing support as an incentive. Helping your airport stand out in a crowded field of incentives is where Aviatrix Communications shines.

With over 100 years of direct airport experience, Aviatrix Communications team of marketing and communication experts have brought together communities, built successful marketing and PR campaigns, and been on-the-ground resources for airlines to ensure route success.

Marketing a successful route happens before an airline publishes their schedule or announces their new destinations. Aviatrix Communications can provide the strategies, budget allocations, and suggested partnerships that resonate in the catchment. Demonstrating the airport’s commitment to the ROI of marketing incentive dollars, Aviatrix Communications can provide bespoke support and marketing plans for the airline that elevate the region and target the catchment population.

From initial meeting to a successfully established route, Aviatrix Communications provides the support, expertise, and innovation to ensure your new route soars. Click the button below for a sampling of our recent work.